Starter Hosting Plan

Our Starter Plan hosting package provides an entry level web-server specification that has been designed to meet the needs of small businesses. It should not, however, be seen as basic service - it comes with a 100MB of web space and offers a choice of support for the latest web design technologies such as Microsoft ASP or PHP scripting, CGI scripting, Perl and Server-Side Includes.

All of this for only £39.95 per year. More info

Commercial Grade Website Hosting

  • Windows 2003 web-server
  • 100MB of web space - that's enough for more than 1,000 web pages
  • 2GB Bandwidth per month
  • Windows 2003 servers support ASP Classic & .Net/2, Perl, CGI and ISAPI
  • Unlimited FTP access
  • MS Access Database

Website upgrade options include:

  • Advanced Stats - a real-time website traffic analysis system
  • Support for sub-domains eg.
  • Support for Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
  • Password protected folders
  • SSL support for secure transactions
  • SQL Database (MS 200, MS 2005 or MySQl 5)

Full Feature E-mail Support

  • Catchall POP3 e-mail account (password protected mailbox)
  • Unlimited e-mail forwarding to one external account
  • Spam filtering
  • Virus filtering
  • Create auto-responders and holiday messages

E-mail upgrade options include:

  • Additonal blocks of 5 POP boxes
  • SMTP Feed

Priority 24-Hour Support

  • Responsive help and support...for everyone and at anytime

  • = Standard Feature
  • = Additional Cost Option

All of this for only £39.95 per year. More info

Additional Cost Options

Our web hosting solutions are built for speed and flexibility. We don't activate every service for every customers as this would have a negative effect on overall server performance. Instead we allow you to add additional features as and when needed.

Advanced Stats per year £15.00
Sub-domain - includes 50MB extra web space (each) per year £15.00
FrontPage Extensions per year £25.00
Password Protected Folders - for an entire domain per year £15.00
SSL space for secure transactions (shared certificate) per year £50.00
SMTP email feed per year £75.00